Day 15: Pierre on a Tightrope

I’m back with the next entry in my 32 Days of Music Challenge.

CHALLENGE: A song from a favorite musical, play or film.

Today’s was super easy and it wasn’t that hard to narrow down. My favorite song is…

ANSWER: Pierre from Really Rosie


Okay, I’m just kidding. I only put this on here because it was one of the first musicals I was in. It was sometime in Jr. High and I played the part of the lion. No lyin. HAHAHA. To hear my part you can start the video at about 2:30.

And I spat the kid who played Pierre out and he is well and alive today making a difference in the lives of elementary kids at whichever school he is principal of.

REAL ANSWER: Tightrope from The Greatest Showman

I could’ve chosen any song from The Greatest Showman, I liked the music that much. But the one that really resonated with me is Tightrope. I suppose it’s the romantic in me or something…


HONORABLE MENTION: The Winner Takes It All from Mamma Mia

So my favorite musical for a long time was The Winner Takes It All, therefore my favorite song from that one deserves a mention. Here’s the clip.

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All-Star Smile

I tell you, folks…working with old pictures is super bittersweet. I miss these little tiny faces. Why do kids have to grow up, why???

Years ago we put our oldest in a baseball training thing. So I spent a lot of time hanging out at a ball field with a baby and a 2/3 year old daughter. Some days were hard, some days were okay.

One day I had my camera and got some super cute shots of my now 13 year old. Back then I had no way of knowing that this kid would be the ball player and that his older brother wouldn’t want a thing to do with it. I’m kind of sad my 13 year old has decided not to play this Spring. I’m still kind of hoping he’ll change his mind.

Anyway, he’s always been a happy kid. He likes to make people laugh and he doesn’t stay down for too long. He also always has a smile ready for anyone who needs one. I’m glad that hasn’t changed much as he’s grown up.



TEMPLATE: You’ve Been Framed by Kate Hadfield
KIT: Genuine Boy by Just So Scrappy (Personal shop currently under construction)
FONT: Sketch Block

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The Royal Treatment

Facebook isn’t always a bad place to be. Sure, it tends to always lead to wasting time – but there are good things to be found as well.

For instance, if you join Club Connie Prince on Facebook – you occasionally end up with free gifts. Like a whole stinkin’ kit. That’s where I snagged the kit used to scrap the two layouts below.

The kit is called Royal Treatment and there are numerous possibilities in ways to use this kit. Here’s two of the ways I used it.

Years ago, we went to a children’s museum with my husbands family. It was a great place for the kids to run around and explore…and as you’ll see in the layouts below – sometimes it was a great place for the adults to explore as well.

Both layouts have pictures taken in the same place, but they are of two different people. My daughter and my husband.

Shaylyn absolutely loved dressing up and playing Queen for a day. She was in the dress-up stage at this point in her life.


Then came my husband. He’s not huge on pictures and really only cooperates if his mom or I am taking the picture, and that’s because he loves us. He is actually more cooperative for his mom than me, truth be told. But you get what you get. So when I get the chance to scrap pages about just him, it’s kind of fun for me.

Eric would’ve loved to have lived in the days of kings and queens and the whole Knights of The Round Table time. But since he wasn’t born until years and years later, he has to live vicariously through books and movies…and set ups in museums.



TEMPLATES:  Connected by Connie Prince (Queen For A Day), It Take Two Vol. 13 (Throne Fits) by Connie Prince
KIT: Royal Treatment by Connie Prince
FONTS: Amazone BT (Queen For A Day), Viner Hand (Throne Fits)

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Day 14: 1998

For today’s challenge on the 32 Days of Music Challenge we get to go back in time.

Challenge: A song that was popular the year you graduated.

So what were you doing in 1998?

1998 was a big year for me. I graduated, got a ‘real’ job, got engaged and got married. That’s a lot of big changes for one year, but I made it through.


To get my answers, I went through Billboards list of top songs of the year and I’m going with the ones I liked at that time.

Answers: See below

#1 – You’re Still The One by Shania Twain

#2 – How Do I Live by Leann Rimes

#3 – My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

#4 – Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith

#5 – Crush by Jennifer Paige

#6 – This Kiss by Faith Hill

#7 – Frozen by Madonna

#8 – I Want You Back by ‘NSync

#9 – I Do by Lisa Loeb

#10 – Looking Through Your Eyes by Leann Rimes

And now that we’ve went back in time, I almost want to stay there…almost.

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Day 13: Too Much TV

Oh my heck…today’s challenge took me through a bit of a rabbit’s hole. Darn YouTube!

Challenge: A Favorite TV Theme Song

Why does there have to be so many good options. I started listing a list in my head and a lot of the late 80’s/early 90’s tv themes came to my head. I was going to start listing them all, but decided against that.

I decided I’d go with a few more recent faves. Figured it’d be easier to narrow down since a lot of shows now don’t really have theme songs per se.


#1 – Psych
I miss this show for so many reasons. But the theme song is one that definitely stays with you.

#2 – The Big Bang Theory
I was so hesitant to watch this show when Eric was telling me what it was about. Little did I know how much I would like it. And when you’ve got an actual band doing the theme song, you’re going to go places.

#3 – Pretty Little Liars
Started watching this show because of all the hype. Then I got drawn in and just wanted answers. Another catchy theme song, with just the slightest hint of mystery.

And I think I’ll end there. My brain is fried today and I keep getting sucked down that dang rabbit hole.

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