32 Days of Music

In an effort to get into the blogging habit again and to make posts to other areas besides the crafty one, I decided to do another ‘blogging’ challenge. This time I’m focusing it on music. I took two different lists and compiled them into one list of the things I think I might ‘actually’ do…


I’m technically not going to start until tomorrow, though. Today’s entry is going to be a quick music shuffle (remember those). First 10 songs that come up in iTunes and what I feel about them. I will be skipping any holiday songs or songs the kids have put on my computer that I wouldn’t normally listen to because…they are all pretty much annoying.

I LOVE this song. It really makes me think and feel all the emotions. Plus, I like songs that kind of tell a story. I think it’s a song a lot of people can relate to.

This is one song that came out shortly after my high school years, so I had many boys come to mind every time I heard this song. And of course I liked it. Plus it has a catchy chorus which is always a bonus.

#3. IT’S OVER – Matthew Morrison
Kind of a depressing song, but any kind of break-up song is. Not really one of my favorite songs by him, but I can listen to it.

#4. EASY MONEY – Karmin
Tanis introduced me to this group and there’s only a handful of songs I really enjoy. This is one of them. It’s just fun and has a beat that gets you moving. And the song this album is on is called Leo Rising and each song is bases on a sign of the Zodiac. This song is for all the Aquarius out there.

I first heard this song on the movie, The Book of Life. It’s a song I loved from the first listen. But I’ve always been a bit of a romantic. And I absolutely love the lyrics.

#6. BREAKAWAY – Kelly Clarkson
I liked it when it first came out, but it got so overplayed. I’m now over it and pretty much skip over it every time it plays.

#7. I’LL STAND BY YOU – The Pretenders
Love everything about this song. Music, lyrics, emotion, honesty…all of it.

#8. LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY– Deniece Williams
I heard this song when I was a young girl, so it was everything a teenage girl dreamed of. And I ended up finding a guy just like she’s describing. HAHAHA.

#9. DAWN – Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
An old song. I blame my parents for introducing me to Frankie Valli. Some songs I like more than others. This one is just kinda blah. Don’t have strong feelings for it one way or the other.

#10. NOW AND FOREVER – Carole King
I blame A League of Their Own for this one. I was a teenager when I first saw the movie, so lots of emotion. Through the years I’ve associated this song with a few different people. Still like this song and the lyrics.

And with that, we begin and end with baseball. Not bad. Come back tomorrow for the first day of the music challenge.

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Sweet Boy

My oldest is going to be 18(!) in just a few short months. Some days that realization hits me like a brick and other days it doesn’t seem to phase me. Lately though I seem to be focusing on it more and more.

So what do I do? I just end up scrapping pages from when he was a little dude and it’s all very bittersweet.

I can’t quite remember what happened the day these pictures were taken – it was like 16 years ago…but, he’s always had the same personality. He is a super sweet kid with a huge heart. He can get hurt easily, but he’s just as quick to forgive and move on. It’s awesome and I wish I had that ability.


TEMPLATE: Vitamin Sea by Connie Prince
KIT: #2016 November by Connie Prince
FONT: Tekton Pro Cond.

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Just Smile

Because being sick isn’t really any fun and there isn’t much I can/want to do, I did decide I should at least make good use of some of my time. Since I can’t really sleep the day away – responsibility for little ones and all that fun stuff.

So, I started at the beginning of my computer folders again and this time it happened to be an old picture of Tanis, but one of my favorites.

This kid seems to always be smiling (he doesn’t ALWAYS smile, but more often than not) and it’s always amazing to me that almost all of his teachers will bring it up during PT Conferences. And guess what? It’s something he’s done for practically his whole entire life.

This picture was taken shortly after I gave him his first buzz cut (and yeah, I think I missed some spots. HAHAHA). I don’t think he minded in the least and he was one happy little dude!


TEMPLATE: Only One Vol. 1 (Retired) by Connie Prince
KIT: You Are My Sunshine (Not currently available) by Simple Girl Scraps
FONT: KG Primary Whimsey

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I struggled with a good name for this layout, so just let it be. Okay? Okay.

I was super excited when I saw this kit, but super sad too because I just didn’t have anything that really ‘worked’ with it. But I really wanted to work with the kit, so I thought on it.

I thought of the time we went to This Is The Place years ago, but I really didn’t have anything that I thought would go well. Then, I realized we went to Gardner Village almost every October and I had to have some sort of picture that worked okay. I knew we had taken some of the kids on some steps and thought it might work. So I went to work.

Here’s a look at the final product:


TEMPLATE: Farmhouse by Connie Prince
Farmhouse by Connie Prince
CK Easy Goin’ (Journaling), Traveling Typewriter (Date)

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Freezing On The River

A few years ago, we had the great and fun opportunity to do the Provo River Christmas Cruise. We were supposed to go with Eric’s parents, but something came up for them and so we invited our close friends.

It was a little bit cold, but for being in December in Utah – it really wasn’t THAT bad. However, the kids all thought they were freezing 2 minutes out of the car while waiting to board the boat. As soon as we got going on the boat, etc. they forgot how cold they were and enjoyed the experience. You can read more about it, here. The pictures are missing however because Photobucket went crazy and thinks they should take all the money you have AND your first born. So I just haven’t gotten around to replacing photos.

So when Connie Prince came out with Winter’s Freeze, I decided to put it together with some of the pictures I took that night. It really was a fun layout to put together and it reminded me of the fun we had that night. One of these years we’ll have to do it again.


TEMPLATE: Winter’s Freeze by Connie Prince
Winter’s Freeze by Connie Prince
KG How Many Times (Journaling and Title Word Strips), Winter Calligraphy (Title)

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