Day 5: Singing In The Shower

Guys, I’m struggling with today’s 32 Days of Music Challenge…Perhaps I should’ve left this one off the list when I was compiling it. Maybe I just missed it?!?!

Challenge: A song you sing in the shower

Here’s the thing: I don’t usually sing in the shower. I’m usually just lost in my thoughts. Plus, I have to take quick showers because leaving two little boys to their own devices for too long isn’t a great idea.

But in the spirit of the game, I’ll give some sort of answer…

Answer: Whatever songs plays from my device


On occasion, I will take some sort of device into the bathroom with me and let the music play. But on those occasions, I just sing along to whichever song happens to play – if it’s a song I would normally sing along to.

Stay tuned for more great hits coming your way in the next few days. HAHAHA!


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