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32 Days of Music

In an effort to get into the blogging habit again and to make posts to other areas besides the crafty one, I decided to do another ‘blogging’ challenge. This time I’m focusing it on music. I took two different lists … Continue reading

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The Quitter in Me

The phrases, ‘I give up’ and ‘I quit’ have been in my vocabulary for a long time. Anytime things got a little too rough or difficult, I’d be saying one of those phrases in my head. Sometimes, multiple times. However, … Continue reading

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A Successful Marriage

I’m derailing a bit from my day to write this, but when the urge to write strikes – it strikes. My husband came across an article today and sent me the link on Facebook. You can read that post here. … Continue reading

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My History: My Father – Part One

So over a year ago I had bookmarked a site so that I could start writing some of my personal history out. I had great plans that once I got the blog all caught up I could post a little … Continue reading

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The Dress

Way back at the end of January/start of February, a little boutique I follow on social media launched a new dress. It was an original design that the owner of the shop had finally been able to create and share. … Continue reading

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