Beach Life

Yesterday morning the power went out. Thankfully it was after the older kids went off to school, but just as we were getting the elementary aged kids ready.

It meant that we had a bit of daylight, but because it was raining, it was also cloudy. That meant the light we had was minimal. It also meant I didn’t feel much like trying to clean the house with minimal light.

So, I sat down and scrapped a page. Thankfully my computer had a full charge and the power came back on just right about the time I was finishing up my layout.

This past summer my oldest daughter had the chance to go on a trip to San Diego with her best friend. Being in a landlocked state, we don’t have a beach. This child has always wanted to see one though. And now, I don’t think she’ll go long without going to a beach.



TEMPLATE: Mosaic Vol. 3 (Retiring Soon) by Connie Prince
KIT: East Coast Life by Simple Girl Scraps
FONT: The Girl Next Door

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I’m All About The Templates

I’ll be honest. If it wasn’t for templates, scrapbooking probably wouldn’t exist for me. Well, it still might – but I wouldn’t quite like my pages as much. I just don’t have an eye for things like that.

So anytime templates come around, especially a bunch of them – I grab them and go to work.

Connie Prince just released her 2018 January Template Bundle and it is FULL of beautiful templates to get your creative juices flowing.

I took 3 of the templates (1 from each pack, except White Space) and went to work.

The first template I worked with comes from the pack, In Pieces Vol. 13:



TEMPLATE: In Pieces Vol. 13 by Connie Prince
KIT: Dance The Night Away by Connie Prince
FONT: Park Avenue BT

The next template pack I worked with is, Full Circle Vol. 11:



TEMPLATE: Full Circle Vol. 11 by Connie Prince
KIT: #2017 July by Connie Prince
FONT: KG Seven Sixteen

Finally, I set to work with Ribbons and Papers Vol. 3. This page didn’t quite turn out the way I had wanted it to go in the beginning, but I adjusted and overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out.



TEMPLATE: Ribbons and Papers Vol. 3 by Connie Prince
KIT: Joyful Easter by Connie Prince
FONT: The Great Escape

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Cowgirl Up

Ever been to Montana?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t. And if I have (like when I was young), there are no pictures to do anything with. So, I had a dilemma when Connie Prince was going to be releasing Travelogue Montana.

It took awhile, but I finally figured out a way I could use the kit, anyway. I love it when that happens.

And just so you know: all the Travelogue kits that Connie has created are meant to be mixed and matched. If you’re a traveller, look into them!

Here’s what I did with Travelogue Montana:



TEMPLATE: Be The Magic by Connie Prince
KIT: Travelogue Montana by Connie Prince
ALPHA: Nature Boy by North Meets South Studios
FONT: Tequila Sunrise

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Winter. I hate winter. I hate needing to travel in the snow, but like seeing it on the ground – but only during the holiday season when there’s pretty lights around too. In January and February it just looks dirty and bleak.

However, winter in Utah has been a little backwards this year. We’ve only had snow a couple of days and there isn’t really much snow to be found on the ground currently. So, we’ve been a little spoiled and it’s made it a bit more tolerable.

But winter is a good time to get a bunch of scrapping done and Connie Prince came up with a cute, fun kit for winter time. It’s a kit that could be used in other ways as well, but it screamed winter to me. You’ll especially like this kit if you have a thing for Polar Bears…

I went to work with pictures of my husband and I when we took a date night to go see Luminaria at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. Even though there wasn’t much snow, it was COLD!



TEMPLATE: Polar Opposites by Connie Prince
Polar Opposites by Connie Prince
KG Ten Thousand Reasons

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#2018 January

I really haven’t been doing nothing. I was doing plenty of projects for Christmas and then I got sick for quite literally the whole month of December, so things have just been slow.

However, a few months ago – Connie Prince held another guest CT call and I was thrilled to see she chose me to do 2 months. January is the first month and I was super excited to get to work.

Thankfully, my sickness has subsided enough that being on the computer isn’t too hard. Doing anything that requires movement, however, is. Anyway…

So shortly before Christmas I got all the info necessary to start my January guest spot. It took me till after Christmas to get busy, because you know – sickness, Christmas, craziness.

When I finally got situated, I took a hold of one of Connie’s newest sets, #2018 January. I’m telling you, you are going to want the bundle, as well as all of the add-ons. There is just soooo much in this set.

I struggled for a bit at first, trying to figure out just how to use this kit. It’s beautiful, but I was feeling like I just didn’t have any pictures to ‘go’ with the kit. But then I saw the butterfly and that was the end of that.

While I didn’t go with the main theme of this kit, I was happy with what I was able to turn out. And that is 2 different layouts with both of my girls being the focus in each.


TEMPLATE – #2018 January by Connie Prince
KIT – #2018 January by Connie Prince
FONT – 2 Peas Grandpa


TEMPLATE – Fall Fun by Connie Prince
#2018 January by Connie Prince
Shorelines Script

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